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Autumn Leaves chandelier - by La Murrina

Picture of Autumn Leaves chandelier - by La Murrina
Stunning large chandlelier which has 121 leaves and a 6 light frame. This light can be used with a dimmer.


Florence Plate Chandelier - 160 leaves

Picture of Florence Plate Chandelier - 160 leaves
Beautiful chandelier which has 144 leaves with a six light frame and weighs - 55 kilos. It is 1.2 meter in diameter and has a depth of 1.2 meters.


gold clear Murano parts

Picture of gold clear Murano parts
a selection of 3 pieces



Picture of Milano
A stunning contemporary chandelier. Hand made in Murano by a master blower of 20 years experience. The chandelier is made to order and is 58cm diameter and 60cm drop. each chandelier can be made to measure.


Murano Chandelier Padova

Picture of Murano Chandelier Padova
This beautiful chandelier has 6 arms with lights creating this stunning classic ceiling centre piece.


Murano Glass Sputnik Chandelier

Picture of Murano Glass Sputnik Chandelier
A large hand made light from the Island of Murano. It is 1.1 meter in diameter (point to point) and weighs 65 kilos. It is entirely hand made and comes in 2 colours.


Picture of Pentavetro
A stunning huge chandelier made from 600 elements that are mouth blown in amber and clear. It is 1.4 meters long and 1 meter wide. It is 60cm deep and weighs 110kilos.


Pianco Ceiling Light

Picture of Pianco Ceiling Light
A beautiful precision made ceiling light that sparkles like a thousand stars. It is 80cm in diameter and weighs 50 kilos. It can be adjusted to sit snuggly against the ceiling or act a chandelier that can sit up any height from the ceiling.



Picture of Polylumi
Stunning large chandelier which has 460 glass polygon elements. Each glass polyedre is mouth blown in Murano by master glassblowing craftsmen and has an 8 light steel frame.It is ideally suited and measured to sit over a snooker or billiard table. This light can be used with a dimmer. This light comes with a full set of instructions and is very simple to assemble. It weighs approximately 100 kilos and is delivered in 2 pallets. The cost of packing and shipping with insurance is included in the price.