A superb range of animals from a few of the most famous producers of Murano Glass. Each piece has been designed and created with the master blower and his team. Some items have been in production continually for over 60 years.
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Ferrari Prancing Horse

Picture of Ferrari Prancing Horse
A stunning Murano glass Ferrari horse. It stands 20" tall and weighs 5 kilos. It is hand made by a master glass blower who trained for 15 years to be able to create such pieces.


Murano Camargue Rearing Horse

Picture of Murano Camargue Rearing Horse
This magnificent gold infused horse is a stunning sight and at 53cm is one of the largest pieces in production. The weight is 8 kilos and takes a full glass team to make just one piece.


Murano Giant Blue Marlin

Picture of Murano Giant Blue Marlin
A beautiful huge blue marlin leaping from the waves.

Murano Glass American Eagle

Picture of Murano Glass American Eagle
A stunning unusual sculpture from Murano. A hand made, limited edition from a world famous furnace. This piece is number 1 of 30. It is 95cm tall and is new and perfect condition. The wingspan of the eagle is 85cm and it weighs 35 Kilos. It is packed in a wooden crate and is delivered on a pallet and the measurements are 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. It is insured for shipping etc.


Murano Golden Falcon

Picture of Murano Golden Falcon
A magnificent piece, hand made by Master Glass blowers on the Venetian Island of Murano.

Murano Large Storks / Herons

Picture of Murano Large Storks / Herons
A beautiful pair of Murano Glass herons. They are linked by one piece of thick glass. The colours are magnificent.

Murano Mustangs

Picture of Murano Mustangs
These magnificent Mustang heads have been totally made by hand and are made by a master blower who has trained for 15 years. Each piece is unique and signed by the artist. They are 40cm and are 12 kilos in weight.

Murano Pair of Tall Storks

Picture of Murano Pair of Tall Storks
A beautifully hand made pair of tall Storks / Herons. Designed and made in Murano by master blowers. The glass has inclusions of silver leaf throughout giving a stunning sparkle from the pieces. The colour is a deep amber. They are tall elegant works of art.

Murano Pair of Tall Storks / Herons

Picture of Murano Pair of Tall Storks / Herons
A beautiful pair of Murano Glass herons. They are hand made by Master Blowers in the Venetian Island of Murano. The colours are magnificent, using the sbruffi technique.